Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ornamental Angels

This is one of the 25 angel ornaments I made for hubby's students that are coming to our Christmas Party Tuesday evening. You can click on the image to get a larger view.

First, I'll state that I have NEVER done any beading before attempting this, so excuse the funky wraps. But after looking at it, I like how it adds to the homemade charm. Second, I've NEVER used this type of polymer clay before: FIMO glitter clay. I love it! It's perfect for holiday crafts.

I found a small angel cookie cutter and just used her to cut my clay. Then I used my rubber stamps and stamped different images throughout. The middle of the body is stamped with an Asian symbol for the word "Love". I thought that was a nice touch. I then colored it in with different Pearl Ex powders and baked it.

Then came the beading. I used as a model the "paper doll" made of clay that I received in the paper doll swap a couple of weeks back (see previous post). I added a small heart charm at the bottom that says, "Made with Love". Finally, I adhered some pretty ribbon to the top. On the back of the ornament I stamped with my, "Handmade For You By" stamp, signed my name, then dated it.

Now I must get back to beading the rest of these. Maybe by the time I get to the last few I'll have it down. I do have a few beading books to look at. I think part of the charm of a handmade piece is adding your signature touch. Funky beading is mine! (at least for this project)

Stay tuned for more little projects I have in the works...

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Sherry said...

Very pretty. I like the ribbon you used for the hanger.