Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's Helper ATC

Why is this little guy smiling? Because I finished my December art doll ATC's! Finally!! I decided to make this little elf and then make another of the snowman (he seemed to be very popular with my friends and family). That fulfilled my obligation to make four cards. So, they were sent off in the mail yesterday. I really struggled making these, as I mentioned before. You would think they would be the easiest to make. They really were, it's just I wasn't inspired. Hubby had it right, I think. He said I'm more creative thinking "outside the box" and being locked into the "Christmas" theme, I struggled with creating the "usual suspects". Whatever the case, it's done!

Now, new projects: Button fairies. What are they? You need to Google them to get an idea. Here is a link for a real elaborate one: http://buzzandbloom.typepad.com/buzzandbloom/2008/04/art-challenge-2.html
The button fairies that I make have to fit on an ATC card (2 1/2" x 3 1/2"). I bought some really nice buttons to decorate my little fairy. I will post one as soon as I finish.

Other projects: Altered Christmas cards, fat book swap, skinny book swap, and jewelry making! Stay tuned for further details...

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