Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angel ATC

Here is the latest art doll for the Art Doll ATC Swap. This is the first one for December. Of course, the theme is Christmas. I have a digital version of her that I bought in a digital kit, but I wanted to make a 3D version for the swap. I call her a snow angel. She's flying around, not only at Christmas, but whenever there is snow! And, there is snow here today. Not much accumulation is expected, but it's been coming down all afternoon. I think the snow is pretty; I just don't enjoy having to get out in it. Happily, I didn't need to leave the house today.

I'm not making as much progress as I'd like on some other things. The days go by and there are "real life" situations that take up chunks of time. I hope to have at least some uninterrupted days toward the end of the week.

Hubby helped me put together an awesome workshop in one of the rooms of our basement. It already had a workbench built in when we moved in. We added a pegboard wall for tools, a nice sturdy work stool, my new Dremel drill and Dremel workstation and a ton of tools (both his and mine).

Why do I need a Dremel and accessories? You'll have to stay tuned to find out! That's it for today. Stay warm...

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