Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowman ATC

This is the second ATC I made for the December art doll swap. I don't know why, but I'm having to force myself to get these done! I still have two more to go...I guess it's because I would really rather be working on other things. But I think that if you sign on to do something you should finish it and do the best job you can. I'm having to gut this out, though. The cards are due to the hostess by the end of the month. If I make myself do one a day, I should get these in the mail by Monday. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more motivated and finish up the other two.

I think it could be the pressure of Christmas and all that goes with that. I haven't finished my gifts for the family yet. I still have to get something for all of the guys (brothers, brother-in-law, nephews). Ugh. Could be just the winter blahs setting in.

I'm trying to complete at least a few items on my to do list today. This little card was one thing marked off. Sometimes if you can just mark off one thing, that will motivate you to finish a few more items and you won't feel so bad by the end of the day. I am just holding off on the different projects I've got lined up until I finish these other commitments first!

Back to work. I keep telling myself that other, more exciting things await...just press on!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

I love this little snowman, he is so cute!

I get scatterbrained (more than usual) during the holidays, too much to do!