Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angels Among Us

Here is my latest ATC. I have been thinking about angels and fairies alot lately. I really believe that there are angels watching over us. This was the most serene picture! I loved it and thought it would make a nice card. I added other bits of ephemera from my collection. I love the colors, too.

The little girl seems to be unaware of the protective presence behind her, just as we are when we are able to escape a near-miss accident or some other danger. After the shock of what could have happened, we often say that someone must have been watching over us.

As for the fairies, they are so cute, how could you not believe! We'll just leave it at that...

I came across a bookbinding machine yesterday and had to have it. Have you seen all of those custom hardbound books that you can send away for using your own pictures? This machine gives you the hardback covers and the machine to bind your pages to the covers! So you make your own books using your own paper and images. No sending away to have someone else bind it. It's the same nice hardback cover, too. The covers come in landscape and portrait. Oh, the possibilities with this...

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