Friday, April 25, 2008

Fairy Castles and Palaces

Here is the before version of the cover to the book I am altering. Now, with a little embellishment, here is what I have done so far:

I'm pretty happy with it. There are always things I want to change after it's finished, and I may still do that. I do wish the fairy showed up a little better. I couldn't make her too big or she would be as tall as the door. That is not what I had in mind!
The first two pages are somewhat complete. On page one, I've used the old black and white photo that was included in the book. It needed a lot of help in order to stand out, but I think I've done it justice. Now I am on the hunt for some photos of the interior of a castle or palace. Once I can find something suitable, then I'll be able to place my own people and elements inside the photo.
Speaking of that, I found out the term used for the kind of art I am currently obsessed with. It's officially called altered photography. I found a very nice book by Angela Cartwright on various techniques for altering both digital and traditional photos processed from the lab. This will be a great resource in the future.
Page one will be posted tomorrow; the before and after versions. Stay tuned...

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