Monday, April 7, 2008

Butterfly Fantasy

Update: My digital altered book has been added to this website! Click on the link at the sidebar to the right in the blue box under My Digital Altered Books and check it out! You'll notice I changed the front cover just a little. I wanted a little more color to pop out. I think it was an improvement. And yes, there will be more books to come!

Today I was playing with my favorite image of the little fairy girl. You will see her in my digital altered book in a few places. This beautiful background watercolor was a freebie given by Ratmomma, a member of the Artella website. She had a bunch of freebies on her website which can be found at . Check them out!

I am in a springy, playful mood today; probably still giddy from finally finishing that book! Now I move on to my ATC swap and must find some backgrounds for those cards. This project is not digital. It will be done the old-fashioned way: real paper, matte gel, cutting, etc. But I really enjoy that, too, so I'm looking forward to going through my stash of papers and other objects. The theme for this swap is magic. That should be pretty inspiring and I've already got a few ideas in mind.

I want to get outside today, so I'll keep this short. It is a gorgeous day; a continuation of the warmest weekend we've had so far! I want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and maybe take a few pictures.

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