Sunday, April 20, 2008

French Country Home

This picture of a house in the French countryside was posted on the Artella website in their Daily Musepaper. I just love this scene! I added the iron gates, the stairs off to the right and, of course, my little ladies.

The Daily Muse used the picture as a writing prompt. It asked you to write about what emotion the picture brought out and any other thoughts you would have if you were to visit this house. I think the house evokes a very peaceful feeling. Situated out in the woods, it's a very calming scene to me. This would be a place I would love to come to and just relax, wander the woods, take some photos and do some writing. It looks like it would be nice and cool there nestled in the trees with all of that lush greenery surrounding you. Who wouldn't want to just burrow in?

I decided to put one of my ladies on the steps reading a book; a perfect spot for that! The other has been relaxing in the courtyard which I imagine is off to the side of the house. I really loved the house and wanted to give it a few little flourishes.

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