Sunday, April 13, 2008

Forest Fairies

Here is my latest addition to my fairy series. I found the paper and the bling all from Madame Mim and Milla Designs. I have amassed quite a gallery of ball-joint dolls' heads, bodies, hair, etc. and am able to mix and match them to create my own dolls! I just loved the face on this one and found a body that seemed to suit her fine.

My problem was what to clothe my dolls in once I had them created. I found a website that sells designer gowns and this one looks like it suits my lady nicely. I was able to size it down for her after a bit of manipulation. Seems to fit her fine now.

I'm having a good time with this series. I'm still working on the night forest one I mentioned in my last post. I can't quite get the right body for my doll head. Still looking. More to come...

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