Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wonderland Dreams

This was a digital collage I put together yesterday after coming across this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland paper at DigiScrapDepot.com. I think I must be going through my second childhood because I can't get enough of the whimsical images I seem to constantly come across!

This one was one of many that came up when I searched under the word "fantasy." I am usually looking for fairies and art of that sort to use in my collages, but I was delighted when this little guy popped up! There was also a digital kit of elements to go along with it. The designer's username is Tempus Fugit and she has a blog full of beautiful freebies at http://tempusfug.blogspot.com/ .

The little doll at the bottom left was one of my images. I decided to give him some playing cards which are repeated in the bottom middle image of Alice and the frog at the door. They are each holding the same playing card. The black and white image of the girl and the tag that the rabbit is holding are part of the Alice kit. The rest of the goodies are mine that I've collected along the way.

I've been reworking page one of my Castles and Palaces digital altered book. I completely threw out what I had done. After looking at it and living with it for awhile I decided it wasn't what I had in mind. So I have a much better alternative now. I will post it tomorrow. I was also fortunate enough to find some beautiful castle interiors for the inside of the book. I've added my little fairy ladies, all with gold gossamer wings. The pages are coming along nicely now. I'm just about halfway through with the book. I've already got another idea for the next one. It's going to be the same book but they are going to be haunted castles. I already have a ton of images for that one. Now I just need to create some haunting people to put into them.

I picked up the latest issues of Somerset Studio and Artful Blogging today. Those are always fun to page through and they are so full of inspiration. I was thumbing through one of Stampington's other magazines, I think it was Somerset Life and came across the most unique idea: using doll clothes in art. It sounds strange, but the finished pieces in the magazine were really cool! Who knew you could make use of old doll clothes. They are so cute, too. Hmm... the wheels are turning.

There was also a little booklet on altered canvasses. You know, those blank canvasses you get at the craft stores? You paint those up however you want, and then decoupage your own papers, images, etc. to match your decor. How cute those were. I have more than my share of blank canvasses stashed away in the closet of my studio. So, there's another idea to remember for those. I have a project notebook that I jot all of these wonderful ideas down in, otherwise they would be lost forever. That way, I can get to them in my own time. More to come tomorrow...

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