Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Pages of my Digital Altered Book

I wanted to include a couple more pages of my digital altered book before I move on to my next challenge. The page shown above is from the inside cover of the original book. I wasn't too thrilled with it, so I used one of my own digital papers to cover it up. I did like the shading of the blush color at the bottom of the page, so I kept that in. The paper I used blended perfectly with this color. Here is my altered view of the above page. This is the inside page when you open the cover:

I think this is one of my favorite pages! I got the zig-zag stitches (which happened to be the exact color of my paper) and the same cherish words I used on the front cover in a digital ephemera pack from I scanned the definition of cherish from my dictionary and enlarged it and pasted that in. The back cover of the original book was just the bare blue-green color. I added these digital enhancements:

I really like the finished look of each page. I should be receiving the URL for my completed book sometime in the next couple of days. When you click on that link you will be able to turn each page with your mouse. The pages actually flip back and forth like a real book. It comes complete with the sound of a turning page.
I am already looking for another one to do. All of this information can be found at the Artella website (see the link in my sidebar) in their Artella Shops. Just click on the icon for their shops at their main page and you should be able to find the link for their digital altered books there. The deadline for the digital altered book contest at Artella is tomorrow at 6 pm Eastern. Soon after that all of the entrants' URLs for their books will be posted at the Contest forum in Artella. I can't wait to page through everybody's entries. Now I have to get serious about my ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap. I have to create 5 of these and send them off. I will get 5 different ones from other artists in return. Artella has a forum for swaps. Check it out for details.

Nothing else new to report today. I see that my lilac bush is sprouting little buds. Hopefully it will bloom this year. Last Spring we had a late frost and it didn't get the blooms it usually does. I can't wait to take photos when it decides to bloom. I see the daffodils are finally starting to come up. We have beautiful blooming trees in the Spring here. As soon as they start to flower I will post the pictures. Sorry for the spacing in this blog post today. For some reason the formatting is not working.

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