Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whimsical Follies ATC

This was a fun card to make. All of the images are so whimsical. I came across the cutest project book called Fanciful Paper Projects by Sandra Evertson. It is full of images to copy and directions on how to make your own fanciful art. This little girl, the jewel in the bottom left corner and the background papers are all from the book! It is so much fun to look through, you feel like a kid again.

I have started on my next digital altered book about the castles. I finally have the title in my head. The original book was called Romantic Castles and Palaces Described by Great Authors. I changed the title to, Fairy Castles and Palaces Described by Isabella! I finished the cover and the first two pages. I am still tinkering with the all of these. I'm always making little changes here and there when I look at them the next day. I'll post the latest version of the cover tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to use some beautiful photos of actual castles in Ireland that my BFF Sharon took while she was over there. Thank you, Sharon! You will see these in the next book. They are awesome. I always knew I wanted to do something with those photos when she sent them to me. I embellished these with a great scrapbook "stack" tablet called, appropriately enough, Fairytales. There are some really nice papers in there. These are the real deal, not digital, so I had to scan them. They are just too pretty to actually use! They have glitter on some of them, and just looking at some of those papers you feel transported back in time. They are gorgeous, and I got them for 50% off!

The digital book also comes with a few pictures of very old castles and I'll incorporate those as well. I'm trying to branch out with this book and use more of the book that's given to me. With the last one, I immediately covered up every page with my own papers. I felt that was how I wanted to proceed with that one. This one, however, does have more to offer that can be incorporated into what I want to do.

I had to learn a lesson in patience lately. I was distressed to see that when the Artella website posted my book in their gallery, along with all of the other beautiful entries, it had the wrong cover! Gasp! I contacted them and told them about it, and they said they would get right on it. It was a nice enough cover, it just wasn't mine. And the cover IS your first view of the book. Being the obsessive-compulsive personality that I am, I checked the gallery periodically (too many times, truth be told) over the next couple of days to see if the correct cover showed up and there was still no change.

I am not a patient person; ask my family. Even before the instant gratification of the internet and blogging and publishing things instantaneously, I have always been very impatient. So, I kept prodding them to please fix my cover. I wasn't rude, but they could probably tell my frustration. Anyway, it all worked out and it got corrected. I felt badly about pestering them about it, and posted a thank you in the forum naming the employees who really helped me out with the problem. I must remember to take a breath, calm down. Things have a way of working out; maybe not immediately, but they get there!

OK, enough about that. Stay tuned for the book cover tomorrow which is still subject to last minute changes...

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