Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mod Paper Doll

I have been busy working on the paper dolls for the latest swap I'm participating in. The last post showed some clay molds that I planned to use for faces. I'm still using those, but not for every doll. Plus, I'm making extra dolls for my own stash! The swap requirements were to make three paper dolls: one will be your Muse; one will be YOU; and the third can be anything you wish. Here is my first one:

I'm not sure which category I want to put her into yet. Well, she's definitely not ME! :) So that leaves two to choose from. Here is a closeup of her face and bodice:

Her bodice is made from a sheer fabric that has been glued over red scrapbook paper and then adhered to a heavy cardstock doll template. Her skirt is black crepe paper and I got her belt from an old Barbie doll that I picked up at the Goodwill to use for spare doll "parts". I made her sleeves from striped scrapbook paper and some old lace cut from another doll's clothes. Her boots are made from a scrap of faux suede material. I drew on the boot details with a Sharpie. The boot template was provided courtesy of Valerie Brincheck in my ATC art doll swaps.

If you aren't familiar with the artist Teesha Moore and her "Zettiology" series of art and rubber stamps, check out the link at the end of this post. If you click on "New Zettiology" you'll see her line of rubber stamps devoted to quirky costumed girls. My little doll is pretty tame compared to Teesha's cool stamps. And, yes, I had to order some of those stamps! Who could resist? I'll post them when they come in.

These are based on the Japanese street fashion called "Fruits" that the Japanese teens wear. If you search the web under "Japanese fashion and fruits fashion" you'll see the types of outfits I'm talking about. Some of them can be pretty wild get-ups. Anyway, Teesha's Zetti girls were the inspiration for my toned down version of a "fruits" fashion doll.


Other news: The '60's Flashback ATC's have been swapped out and are in the mail. I should be receiving mine any day. Also, the ephemera swap has been mailed to us and that is now on the way. Plus, my art doll Halloween ATC's should be put into the mail within the next couple of days. And finally, the zines will be put into the mail next Friday. Someone completely missed the deadline and we all had to wait for that person to finish theirs. Lots of things in transit now and I am anxiously awaiting them all. I'll post them as they arrive.

Now back to working on my next paper doll. I'll post her when she's finished. And here is the link to Teesha's catalog of cool stamps:

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