Friday, October 17, 2008

Witching Hour Art Doll ATC

Here is my first art doll ATC. Witches don't always have to be ugly! Well, maybe you think she is, but I don't! ;) The broom isn't permanently attached yet, because I have to be able to manipulate it so that it will fit into the ATC sleeve. Believe it or not, she will fold up nicely and fit into that little 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" plastic sleeve.

I found the face image on the web and colored it in with my colored pencils. The legs are fabric that I glued onto the template. The arms and little vest are black crepe paper. The bodice is landscaping fabric left over from our gravel laying! I have a huge strip of this left which makes nice little clothes!! And I found those teeny buttons at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I love her hair. It's one of those cheapy spider webs they sell that you are supposed to drape in your Halloween decorating. I think it makes great hair! The hat is a copy of a sticker. I originally wanted to use the sticker but it was too small for her big head. So I enlarged it and colored it, then adhered it. :)

So, one down and three to go. I'm making four different ones. The next one will be a little anime doll with a mask, then onto a cute little cat figure. I drew the face for doll #4. My first time actually drawing a face for art! These are going to get mailed Monday so I hope to finish them up by tomorrow. My eyes can only take so much of this little tiny work!

I had some exciting news. One of my art buddies at Artella asked if I'd be interested in doing an art swap with her! She's an awesome artist and I was honored that she asked. Of course I said yes. When she returns from her trip after this weekend, we will work out the details. I think I want to make her a mixed media collage on canvas. She loves butterflies, so ideas are forming. Stay tuned!

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