Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scenes From A Zine

After much anxiety and despair (see previous post), the zines are finished! I am going to get a box for them today and take them to the post office with some other packages tomorrow! Whew! What a job. Ten copies (11 counting one for myself) of an 18 page zine. I will post copies of the front and back covers, along with some favorite pages tomorrow.

The first four photos are the pages for each section of the zine. I tried to keep with the whole "wings" theme, so these are the headings I came up with. Each title is a transparency I made using different digital images of frames and fonts. The first section is called "A Wing and A Prayer". This is the section that contains Angel Cards. I picked one angel card for each zine recipient and then included the meaning of the card on the next page. The second section is called "Flights of Fancy". I wrote an article about using fabric in your art and then included photos of the two art quilts made by my mother-in-law, Lydia. The third section is called "On The Fly". This is the fabric-fused paper doll section. I talked about the method I used for making the dolls and the bottom photo is one of the dolls plus their wings enclosed in a little plastic pouch. And the last section is called "Winging It". This is the collage section. I included a whole page of goodies for each person, including a small charm, two mini-zines (one of stamped Tyvek papers and the other of Wings quotes) and a Fantasy ATC.

I did make this more work than it needed to be, but I decided to go all out. What the heck. So now I'm off to assemble and staple these things (with my heavy-duty stapler) and then get them out the door. Next up: working on my Art Doll ATC's. I need to do some investigating on the Yahoo site to see examples of how these have been done. Also on the radar: the '60's ATCs and the ephemera swap. Gotta run. Stay tuned...

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