Friday, October 10, 2008

Zines Are Mailed!

They are finally in the mail! What a long haul it's been since I signed on for that swap. I had some problems this morning, though. I knew all along in the back of my head that I would staple these. The covers are made of Tyvek and it's one whole piece that's folded. I figured I would staple a heavy duty staple down the size. It didn't work! The pages were not cooperating and when you turned the page, some didn't get stapled. I was in a panic. I really hadn't thought of binding it any other way.

I finally figured out that I could three hole punch them and use book rings in the holes. I had some packages of multi-colored rings that saved the day. So, only one zine got the staple mishap. You could barely see there were staple holes in it when I took them out. The good thing about Tyvek: no ripping! You can't tear the stuff! Yay!! Ripping out heavy duty staples was no big deal.

The second wave of panic came about halfway through assembling these. They weren't going to fit in the priority box I picked up the post office yesterday. They were too thick and bulky for all ten of them to fit into that box. I had to make a mad dash out to Target and find a bigger box. I found one that was a little too big, but I stuffed it with newspaper and got it out the door!

The top photo is the cover that I finally settled on. It was oversized for the scanner and didn't really scan all that well. The butterfly wings are that gorgeous trellis yarn called Stained glass Window. I knitted little samples and attached them to the front with fluid medium. The bottom photo is the back cover. It was a mask that I had received in one of my scrapbook mailings. I had never used a mask before, but the subject matter was perfect, so I tried it. So easy! Just stick it onto your background and paint over it. When you are finished, it peels right off. It can be used over and over and still sticks to the surface. I'll have to find more of those!

So, that was one big project. If I had known how much time and work it would take to get that zine out, I'd still do it! We are talking about having another one for the spring. Hmm.. But tonight I take it easy. No more working all hours of the day and night on a project. I'm going to have a little dinner, watch some football and look over the new e-course I signed up for at Artella. It's an Art Journaling course. This will make me start an art journal: something I've been wanting to do but not really knowing where to start.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I tackle an art doll ATC and another 60's flashback ATC. I still haven't received my cards from the Magic Key swap. I asked about where they were. Hope they arrive soon!

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