Monday, October 6, 2008

Serendipity In The Mailbox!

OK, how cool is this? Today I go out to the mailbox and have two little surprises waiting for me. The first is a mysterious package. It's from my dear sorority sister, Joanne, back in Columbus, OH (who I miss SO much!!)... I wonder what she could be sending me? It's in a very decorative envelope (which I will definitely save)...I open it up to find this cute little card (top photo) saying she saw these two things (next two photos) and thought of me.

Ahhh!! I LOVE these!! Thank you, Joanne! You are awesome!! :) It's hard to find much of a selection in this little town and there are definitely none of THESE here! I was doing a happy dance when I saw these little guys. I love sun and moon images on ANYTHING! What a wonderful surprise.

When I get my zine finished and out the door (target date Wed.), I'll definitely get to work with these little gems. Who knows, maybe Joanne will get a little surprise in the mail!

Then I see an envelope from my dear mother-in-law, Lydia. *waving hello to Lydia* I open it and find this beautiful card inside (bottom photo) that she has made for hubby and my anniversary coming up. And, look what's on the front of the card! I say cool is that?!

I just had to share these today. Now I must get back to work on my zines. I'm practically re-doing them all, but I'm liking these much better. Photos to come as soon as they are GONE! Stay tuned...

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