Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thinking About A Change

I am thinking about changing my blog host. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mainly it's due to my lack of understanding on how to fix little layout issues that really are starting to bug me. Usually I overlook it, but today it is really frustrating.

I'm investigating my options right now. I may end up doing nothing; we'll see. Blogger IS free and you do get what you pay for. Plus, I'm only averaging about four hours of sleep a night (for some reason) and am really grumpy! If I decide to move to another site I will post my new link here and leave it up for a long time so you can make the switch, too!

OK, enough of that. Here is the third ATC I received in the Magic Key ATC swap at Artella. Isn't she cute? Such different takes on the theme!

Here is the last of the ATC's I received in the swap. Interesting, huh? The back of the card says: "Sometimes the darkness comes when I least expect it and I often look for keys to open doors I can't find. Looking for keys, searching but never finding." See? That's the cool thing about these swaps. You never know what somebody's interpretation of the them is going to be. All four cards were really a different take on "Magic Key". It made it one of the more varied swaps this year.

I started cleaning up my studio and felt too overwhelmed so I decided to come in here and post to my blog instead! I do have to get back at it so I can clear room for my next project. I think that's the part I dislike the most in all of this: cleaning up afterward. Of course, if I DID clean up afterward, I wouldn't be whining about it now! Stay tuned...

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