Saturday, October 25, 2008

On Second Thought...

In my last post I had mentioned that I may change my blog host. Upon further review I have decided to stay right here for the time being. I chalk that up to lack of sleep and grumpiness! Now on to other business:

Since I am starting with a clean slate (attitude-wise) with my blog host, I thought I would do the same in my art studio. As I mentioned before, it was due for a major makeover. The clean slate is always a good place to begin:

Now the question becomes, what should I work on next? I have so many projects I want to tackle and all of this empty space opens up so many possibilities. Should I cut some fabric here on my sewing table?

Or should I begin at my art table? Perhaps gesso a few pages to prepare my art journal. All of my little friends who inspire me are already here and waiting for my decision! There's even the little girl that I used to be staring at me, whispering, "Be You!". Hmm... where to begin?

A few of my collage supplies beckon. Try some new things? Lots of treasures to explore and choose from. Which shall it be?

I think I will begin the faces for my paperdoll swap. But these are no ordinary paper dolls. These will have clay faces and embellishments galore! The Muse paper doll will be mystical and almost ghostly! I have big plans for her. The "self-portrait" paper doll will be whimsical and playful: maybe a jester! And, the "anything goes" paper doll will be a surprise even to me! Time to begin!

Stay tuned!

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